音乐视频 大小: 106 MB 版本: 1.7.3


Follow your favorite TV Shows in a simple, elegant and powerful way.
Keep track of all the episodes you need to watch. Get notified when a new one air.

Main Features:
? Search for TV Shows
? Discover Trending, Popular and Anticipated TV Shows
? Browse by Genre or TV Network
? Follow your favorite TV Shows
? Access your personalized "To Watch" list
? Trakt check-in built at its core
? Manage your full watch history with multiple watch support
? Get real-time push notifications when new episodes air
? If real-time notifications don't suit you, we also deliver reminder notifications
? Receive a reminder the day before a series or a season premiere
? Receive personalized daily and weekly email notifications
? Rate your favorite shows and episodes
? Experience the most reliable and fastest Trakt synchronization in town
? Find actor details with TV Shows and Movie credits
? Access your personalized Calendar

? Features an awesome iOS 10 widget with built in check-in
? Always spoiler-free
? Dark and light themes included
? iPhone Plus full support
? iPad and iPad Pro full support
? iPad split mode and slide over support
? Apple Watch app with time travel compatible complication
? And more, much more

Note that SERIST is a TV Show tracker. It cannot be used to watch your TV Shows.

All air dates and notifications are based on the first air date of the show in its country of origin. SERIST does not provide local air dates.

版本 1.7.3 中的新功能

In this new version we…
- Improved the iPhone X experience further
- Improved the image loading
- Improved sync speed a bit
- Fixed an issue with the widget's background colour
- Fixed an issue when checking in a movie
- Fixed some email configuration issues
- Squashed some bugs
- Did a lot of maintenance, migration and under the hood upgrades

What you can do to help…
- Rate or even review SERIST on the App Store
- Share SERIST with your friends
- Send us bug reports and suggestions, we are always open to that!




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